In The Bag: Healthy Hands

front s Everyone I know travels with a bag that never leaves their side: a purse, a work bag, or even a small pocket-sized something that can go in the glove box on that road trip. Essentials should always be in reach. Some essentials change with every trip. Who needs sunglasses to go to Seattle in January? No one, really. But some things don't change and they shouldn't. One thing that should always, always be in your close-by bag is a hand sanitizer. You need to get a tan when you go to Miami, not the flu. I know this doesn't surprise you but it's worth saying: trains, planes, automobiles and public restrooms at that killer fruit strand in Georgia are really dirty. Dirtier than you want your hands and your immune system to be. Sick on a trip isn't ever the plan. But overcoming the blah's about hand sanitizer is not easy sometimes. There are two problems with hand sanitizer. First, you smell like a hospital and that's not a scent I will ever advocate for your travel plans. Second, your hands dry out and sand paper isn't what your special someone is looking for when their fingers meet yours. I have good news for you and it doesn't include the name Purel. Instead, let's talk  Jessica Alba. If you're a mom you might already connect Alba with body and baby care.  Alba started The Honest Company, which stocks safe, natural, non-toxic, sustainable products you want to have in your nursery, bathroom, kitchen and (as of this moment) travel bag. And it all looks luvvly, btw - thanks, Jess. front Let's stick with the hand sanatizer. As a mom I feel like I am a default expert in this area. I sanitize my hands all the time. All. The. Time. The Honest sanitizer leaves my hands smelling slightly floral and as if I had moisturized instead of sanitized. My hands feel silky even. This stuff is talked about the world over but is currently only available in the good ol' US of A. This stuff is so good that my English friends asked me to order extra on my last trip home and bring it back to them. They asked me to bring hand sanitizer over an ocean. It's that good. middle So don't get sick; instead, smell like flowers and have silky hands. Get the version you spray or get the ones that squeeze, but put this in your essentials bag for when you travel and be a pump or a squeeze closer to the perfect getaway. Signature_kelsey

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