How to Wear Print Pants—Holiday Edition

If there was a trend for 2014 that really stood out to me, it would be the influx of printed pants. From polka dots to florals, these fancy pants can be found in an array of desirable prints. Not long ago I was about to walk out the door in some of my favorite floral-print pants, and my husband (lovingly) asked me if I was sure I wanted to wear my pajamas out in public. Note to self: if not careful the print pant can easily be mistaken for pajamas. Now I know my husband couldn't care less about trends or fashion, but I do think if not done right the print pant can be misunderstood. Here are some ways to avoid the pajama comment when wearing print pants. 1. Add heels—high heels will definitely let everyone know you mean business and that you aren't headed to bed. 2. Consider wearing a solid blouse but avoid a cotton t-shirt. 3. Accessorize with jewelry—this will pull your outfit together. 4. Avoid bed head. The number one rule with print pants is to have fun with them! TA1C7223 TA1C7252 TA1C7255 TA1C7217

Blouse, Pants, Necklace, Shoes: Maude Boutique

There are so many fun ways to style these pants. They are my Christmas pants of 2014 and I plan to wear them with a green sequined top and red shoes. Make sure you follow us on Instagram (@hello_luvvy) to see all our Holiday Luvv. If you luvvies have followed this blog and taken anything away from it in 2014, I hope it is to have fun with your style and to always be yourself. It is my hope that by seeing us put ourselves out there every week, you can try not to be too critical of yourselves. We know we are not perfect but we think we are unique and beautiful in different ways, just like each of you! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! darcy-sig

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