Hotel Guide: Predi Son Jaumell, Mallorca


Predi Son Jaumell. Oh my. How I love thee.

Have I mentioned before that a nice hotel is basically my love language? Hotels and food. They vie for my travel dollars.

And my husband, father of my child, woo-er of my heart knows it. So he took me here.

This all too quick weekend trip to Mallorca, Spain with another couple made my heart hurt I loved it so much. A love ache. I asked repeatedly if we could stay extra days. Mat, Faye and I flew home as planned so you know what the answer to that was.

Let me show you why I asked and why you should plan to go here and stay longer than two nights.

Find. A. Reason. To hop on a plane that takes you to Mallorca and Predi Son Jaumell.

Maybe Celebrate a birthday - the big 2-9 or that looming 33rd? Milestones obviously to be experienced in Spain.

You deserve a babymoon - who says you need to be pregnant to have one of those anyways - if you are, even better.

Because you said so. You're the boss of you - go to Spain.

Welcome to Predi Son Jaumell. Take a look around. Fall in love.

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