Honey Strawberry Cocktail

After your latest trip to your local farmer's market, you will need to reward yourself with this farm fresh, honey strawberry cocktail. In creating this recipe, I was inspired by our local farmer's markets. In Little Rock, we're lucky enough to have SEVERAL farmer's markets to choose from. One thing all of these markets have in common, at least for current season, is the ingredients in this cocktail (except the champagne). It's strawberry seasons y'all, so you want to use those fresh strawberries however you can. Basil is normally plentiful this time of year. Lastly, this cocktail will help you get your daily dose of local honey. Feel good by supporting your local farmers while you sip on this delicious drink. DSC_32211 Fayetteville friends, Darcy and I will be slinging this cocktail THIS SATURDAY at Good Things Boutique with Bella Vita. If you don't already know about our giveaway, head on over to our instagram: You and your bestie could win these, headbands, and a giftcard for breakfast. DSC_32181 Ingredients (1 cocktail) 3 teaspoons of honey 3 teaspoons of  hot water 4 strawberries basil leaves 1 cup of champagne dash of lime juice 1/2 cup of ginger ale Directions First, you will make the honey base for the cocktail. You will need 3 teaspoons of honey and 3 teaspoons of hot water. Put the honey in the glass, then the hot water, and mix them together. The water has to be hot to mix with the honey. This will keep it from being sticky. Pro tip: it's much easier to do this when you have the local honey in a jar versus a squeeze bottle. Still works with the squeeze bottle, but requires more patience. After that, pour in your champagne, ginger ale, and lime juice. Muddle your strawberries and basil. Then drop them into the cocktail. DSC_32421 Sip and enjoy! Shop and your local farmer's market and then make this delicious cocktail for brunch. DSC_32481 Happy Drinks my Sweets, Melinda

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