Holiday Sparkle: Simple Gold Eye Shadow

Luvvies, I'm 31 years old. This should probably be an indicator that my love affair with glittery makeup should be over, right? WRONG. I won't let my age keep me from rocking my very favorite holiday makeup trend: metallic sparkle on the eyes. Read along to see how I created a mono-chromatic golden eye look without the fuss of endless blending, complicated foil shadows, or heavy smoked-out gradients. (But hey, if you're looking for a smoky-eye golden look, I've been there and done that; check it out here.) gold shadow 2015 (2)text For this holiday party look, I wanted to give my face a gentle touch of gold sparkle that would still operate as a fairly neutral shadow. Here's what you'll need: eyelid primer, gold eye shadow, gold liquid eyeliner, mascara. Yes, you read that correctly: NO BLACK EYE LINER. What have I become?? gold shadow 2015 (1) Start, as always, with an eyelid primer. I use a cheap one from NYX, and I absolutely love it. This High Definition Eye Shadow base helps prevent creasing, which is important for my 31-year-old lids (I can't have my sparkles settling down into my wrinkles, now can I?). gold shadow 2015 (4) Once your lids are primed, use a thick brush to pack your gold shadow onto each eyelid. I'm using the deep gold shade from the Lorac Princess Palette. Use a stamping motion to apply the gold powder all over your lid, right up into your crease and from corner to corner. gold shadow 2015 (5)gold shadow 2015 (8) Now comes the glam: grab your liquid gold liner. I used the Studio Liquid Liner in "Extreme Gold," by NYX Cosmetics. And yes, I used the tiny applicator brush to sweep gold glittery liner all over my already golden eyelids. gold shadow 2015 (9) This step adds that eye-catching bit of holiday sparkle. As you can see, the gold shadow seems relatively matte when compared to the shadow + gold liner combo. gold shadow 2015 (11) Finish this look with some good black mascara. I'm using Hello Lashes from IT Cosmetics. gold shadow 2015 (15) No eye liner needed here; your golden lids will offer plenty of drama without being overly-complicated by the addition of a winged liner. gold shadow 2015 (20)gold shadow 2015 (21) If I may say so myself, I do think this glittery golden trend is wearable for anyone. And yes, it would be perfect for a casual holiday party, but I will most likely be wearing this during the daytime, too. Your golden eyes will pair perfectly with your red lip of choice. Happy holidays, my luvvs! katie-sig    

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