Holiday Makeup Tutorial: Ombre Lips

As you can probably tell by now, I use the holidays as an excuse to wear dramatic makeup and hairstyles (note the rag-rolls, which I just cannot get enough of). Last week's sparkly golden eye shadow post was just the tip of the proverbial (and season-appropriate) iceberg. Today's tutorial is all about creating drama with your lipstick, and I'll be using two different-but-equally-bold-and-fabulous shades to add dimension to my holiday party look. This ombre lip couldn't be easier. ombre lips 2015 (1) The two lip colors I'm using today are both Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur shades: the darker one is "Plum, Please," and the lighter is "Cherry Cherry Bang Bang." ombre lips 2015 (2) text Start by filling in your entire top lip with your darker shade. Be careful to keep your lips separated so your lip color doesn't bleed, smear, or run. ombre lips 2015 (3)ombre lips 2015 (4) Next, carefully fill in just the outer corners of your lower lip. ombre lips 2015 (5) Now it's time to add the lighter, brighter shade. Apply it in the center of your lower lip, then gently blend the lighter shade into the darker shade at the edges of your mouth. ombre lips 2015 (9)ombre lips 2015 (10) These Color Blur lip pencils actually have a blending tool attached to the end of them, so I used that to smooth my brighter shade into the corners of my lower lip. You could also use a lip brush or your fingertip. ombre lips 2015 (13) Use a tissue to blot your lips; this will keep the two shades from running together. By applying the lighter shade in the center of your lower lip, you've created the allusion of larger lips. Brilliant! This lip trend is super simple and is absolutely perfect for your upcoming holiday parties. ombre lips 2015 (16)ombre lips 2015 (21) Still stumped on what to get the makeup addict in your life? Come see me next Monday for my fail-proof holiday gift guide for the beauty geek! katie-sig

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