Holiday Hair: Easy Updo for New Year's Eve

Happy New Year, luvvies! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. Now we've only got one final holiday to prepare for, and that's New Year's Eve (which is only three days away, fyi!). For today's beauty post, I wanted to share an easy udpo for your big night out. The "shell crown," as I'm calling it, is a messy, fun take on the milkmaid braids that we've all been rocking for the past year or so; but get this-- it's even easier. Promise. Keep reading to see how I created this party-ready updo in about 7 minutes. NYE 2015 hair (14) text You'll need some small, clear elastics and some hair-toned bobby pins. Begin with your hair parted down the middle and pulled into two pigtails (using your clear elastic bands) near the bottom of each ear. NYE 2015 hair (41) Grab one of your pigtails and secure a second clear elastic about an inch and a half from the original band. NYE 2015 hair (36) This is the beginning of your first little "shell," which you're going to create by using the tried-and-true topsy-tail method. Use your fingertips to split the section of hair between the two elastics, then pull the remaining hair through that opening. NYE 2015 hair (37)NYE 2015 hair (35)NYE 2015 hair (39) You're going to continue with these same steps down the length of each pigtail. My hair was long enough to create five little shells in each pigtail. NYE 2015 hair (31)NYE 2015 hair (30)NYE 2015 hair (28)NYE 2015 hair (25) Use your fingers to gently pull each shell into a fuller, rounder shape. Then repeat each step to create the shells in your other pigtail. NYE 2015 hair (23)NYE 2015 hair (22)NYE 2015 hair (21) Once both pigtails have been topsy-turvied into cute shell braids, now use your bobby pins to secure them into the crown. NYE 2015 hair (20)NYE 2015 hair (18)NYE 2015 hair (19) Do your best to hide the ends of each pigtail underneath the shells of your braids. NYE 2015 hair (16) Once your shell crown is secured with pins, blast it with a few good shots of strong hairspray. Now you're ready for the NYE countdown! This shell crown look should stay put until well after midnight. NYE 2015 hair (9)NYE 2015 hair (8) What a wonderful year 2015 has been: I got married, turned 31(!!!) and discovered some pretty amazing beauty secrets. I am so grateful to have spent another wonderful year creating sincere, fun content with Darcy and Melinda here at Hello Luvvy, as well as with all of you who happen to be reading this right now. Don't forget that you ladies are our greatest inspiration and joy! Here's to an equally badass 2016! katie-sig

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