Holiday Eyes: Thanksgiving Tutorial

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Thanksgiving Week is finally here. For me this means the undeniable beginning of Holiday Party Season (HPS). Over the next two months, we’ll all be attending family dinners, Friendsgiving parties, dirty Santa gift exchanges, and the ultimate culmination of HPS: New Years’ Eve parties.

Not only will you need event-appropriate outfits and shoes – different ones for each party, right?! – but also you’ll want to pump up your makeup routine. As we saw in Darcy’s most recent fashion post, the holidays are all about glamour-- even on Thanksgiving.

Today’s Makeup Monday post centers around the Maybelline Eyestudio “Copper Chic” quad.  Using this awesomely affordable eye shadow, I created what I believe to be a perfect Thanksgiving face. Follow this tutorial to add some glamour to your Turkey Day!

[caption id="attachment_4616" align="aligncenter" width="430"]this tutorial will be color-coded, hence the numbers. this tutorial will be color-coded, hence the numbers.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4615" align="aligncenter" width="384"]here's a little guide to where we'll be applying each shade. here's a little guide to where we'll be applying each shade.[/caption]

After filling in my brows and getting my foundation and blush applied, I prepared my eyelids with Shadow Insurance from Too Face. Here’s where the fun starts!

holiday eyes_thanks

To start, I applied color #2 all over my eyelid, from lash-line to crease.

holiday eyes_thanks2

Then I used a contouring brush to add color #3 in the crease of my eye, creating shadowy definition below the brow bone.

holiday eyes_thanks3

holiday eyes_thanks4

I then applied color #4 in a sideways-V shape, framing the area from above my crease out to the edge of my eye, then back in above the lash line.

holiday eyes_thanks5

holiday eyes_thanks7

Before blending, I added color #1 (our highlighter) to the area just above below my eyebrow. This highlighter not only adds definition to my brows but also makes blending out shade #3 much easier.

holiday eyes_thanks9

From there I just blended like a fool. All of the colors in this quad are gorgeous and work well when heavily blended together.

I finished off this look with black eyeliner (or you could use a soft brown for a more neutral look) and some black mascara!

holiday eyes_thanks11

I chose to do a nude lip with this look so I could bring more focus to my eyes.

holiday eyes_thanks10

Happy Thanksgiving, readers! We here at Hello Luvvy are thankful for each and every one of you.

Now try out this holiday-themed look for your Turkey Day and then put on some feast-proof lipstick.


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