Holiday Cards: Send Great Mail

The Holidays force lots of things a couple notches up the awesome scale.

Oreos for example. They either get a red center or someone dips them in chocolate. Two notches up.

On the list is your daily commute. There's no judgement for having a personal singalong in your car - that Mariah Carey Christmas Album (or Maybe a Very She & Him Christmas if you are way to cool for MC) is bringing lots of joy to your 30 minute trek and that dude next to you is probably belting "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays" right along with JT and the old gang.

Then there is mail. Mail gets so much better. Everyday from Thanksgiving through New Years you expect to have a card or two waiting on you when you get home.

Pictures of families, roommates, babies, children and even dogs invade your mail box. It's like a little paper party and everyone is dressed up from their family vacation,or that day in the snow, or just wearing cute group coordinated outfits that look amazing on the nifty ribbon card holder you DIY'd from Pinterest.

This kind of mail makes it worth picking up the reminder that the cable company has auto drafted your last payment. It's just plain fun to receive Christmas cards in the mail.

And it's fun to send them too.

This member of the Hello Luvvy team luvvs a good Christmas card. I have a preference for something simple but festive. A little bit modern but not over the top. So this year I spent some time making Christmas Cards that I would like to send and added them to my Etsy shop. They are customized and a printable file is mailed to you.

In the shop they are $15 but all you Luvvies can get a card for $10 from now until Friday, December 13. You just have to use the coupon code HelloLuvvyChristmas at checkout.

Below are the available cards. Check them out and regardless of where you get your cards send great mail this Holiday season!

 Christmas Card_Wish-01 Christmas Card_Wedding So Merry-01 Christmas Card_Romans-01 Christmas Card_Noel-01 Christmas Card_Luke-01 Christmas Card_Light&Life-01 Christmas Card_Joyful-01 Christmas Card_Cheers-01 Christmas Card_Baby So Merry-01

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