Hip Baby: Headbands

When we found out that the tiny one we were adding to our family would be of the female variety many questions went through our mind.

What types of things will we need to be paying careful attention to in order to raise a godly little lady? A little life and tiny soul is a big responsibility.

How will we instill in her a confidence and appreciation for who she is and not what magazines or boys say she would be?

And what is our philosophy on baby bows and headbands? I mean you have to think through that. I know I don't want anyone to mistake the child I am holding for either a birthday gift because her bow is bigger than her head - you know like this - but the headband/bow is the universal "I'm not a boy" signal and must be used at all times unless you are lucky enough to have a baby girl with those "I'm a girl" eyelashes from birth.

And I want to be clear about something. Your baby doesn't have a style of their own at first. You give him or her their initial dip in the pool of fashion. And that means they are probably going to match the style you have. So to clarify where I stand on really large/color/ornate/girly/traditional headbands, they aren't my style. If Faye were to wear one it would be very confusing to see the two of us together. You might think I stole her from a preppy mama. I like neutrals and understated clothing with a trendy twist. That's my bit and the strategy that I am using to dress my little lady. If you are J.Crew to the core or bleed sweet tea then get you the biggest flowers you can find.  I just can't help you with that.

I can help you with finding a hip headband.  I spent a large percentage of the hours I should have been sleeping searching for head wear lacking in floral. And it was difficult. So if you are more like me and are looking for a different take on the baby band I want to pass on to you the fruits of my pre labor. Here are the styles I fell in love with for the Faye Baby and the Etsy shops that sell them.

Baby Headbands 1) Little Hip Squeaks 2) The Pink Ruffle 3) Juniper Wilde 4) Mishame Designs 5) Scrappy to Sassy 6) My Little Lovely Bug 7) l o v e   c r u s h 8) Ivory and Arrow (not an Etsy shop)

If you follow me on Instagram (@kdshency) you will get to see a load of these in action as Faye Baby pics are some of my favorite to post and she is almost always in a band (you know "I'm not a boy" signal) .

Also, we'd love to see your sweet things head-gear (not of the braces variety) so if you have a great place to get head bands add it to the comments or post a picture on Instagram and tag it #luvvlybands  - help make our luvvly little ladies the fashion forward trendy toddlers we want them to be.


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