Hello Luvvy Turns Two!

HL-Spring-Retreat-2015-(149) It's hard to believe that another year has passed and we have officially been publishing for two years. On our first birthday we celebrated by launching our new website and logo. In the South we call that "doing the damn thing." We decided to move full speed ahead with everything we had and we haven't looked back. This year may not seem like such a grand display as the last, but inside we are beaming with the same excitement.  We have a lot to celebrate. This has been one amazing year! A few highlights: last fall Hello Luvvy was featured as one of only six top style-setters in Arkansas by Arkansas Life magazine. I remember basically falling out of my chair when I received that first email from AR Life Editor Katie Bridges. It still makes me excited even today! Then Katie was featured in sync weekly and we luvved how women were noticing that "Evans puts her quirky, honest, upbeat attitude to work writing posts on makeup and beauty with a for-real-women flair." Everything we do is for REAL WOMEN, because we are real women and it was amazing news to hear others were catching on. We were recently featured in Come Home Magazine's March/April print issue, a publication that focused on the friendship of Katie and I growing up together in Harrison. And Melinda's recipes have been featured in Rock City Eats on numerous occasions (because they are amazing) and one recipe was recently featured on The Meredith Vieira Show Blog. How cool is that?! Lastly, Hello Luvvy is up for Sync Weekly's Best of the Metro 2015 (vote here until April 8). Yes this year has been amazing, and getting to be featured and collaborate with other publications in Arkansas has been a privilege, and it's always an amazing surprise for us. The best part about this year is seeing our little community grow. It seems necessary for Arkansas to have a place specifically for women to engage in the fun side of being a woman and also have a space to occasionally talk about the challenges we face and the ones we have overcome. It doesn't matter how big or small we are, we will always remember the women we serve and where we came from. We hope you will continue to follow along because we don't expect this next year to be any less exciting. We had our first travelogue series to Africa with Kendyl Elliot, and this week we are starting a new one with local photographer, Stephanie Parsley. Look for a new home feature series we will be starting next month and blog swaps with bloggers you will luvv. We are also launching a new newsletter, so if you haven't signed up, head over to the homepage and subscribe now. No, we are not slowing down! We are going to continue to "do the damn thing." We just hope you can keep up! darcy-sig

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