Hello Luvvy May 2014 Playlist - The Sea Teaches Me

https://play.spotify.com/user/himynameisthom/playlist/7elKO9TddINnoX7eeWd6au I know it's technically late spring, but with our gloriously warm weather the last weekend, my brain is alllllll summer. Seeing how the "summer song" is a category of its own, I wanted to bring you ladies some songs that I think will be big this summer, or songs that were big some summers ago. To be fair, some have maybe just been big summer songs for me, but I love that creating these gives me the chance to share them with you! It's my hope that some of these will be your go to jam when it's time to feel charged up for the events of the day or night. It's called "The Sea Teaches Me" (which was inspired by a Pablo Neruda quote) because each season has its own power to promote reflection on our lives. As you listen to this playlist and surround yourself with the joys of late spring/early summer, think about what you learn from the calm breeze, fresh water, and bright stars. This is only a list of 12,  but there are SO many songs out there. What summer songs are you guys digging right now? Or what songs do you foresee becoming summer must listens? Enjoy luvvs! Mayplaylistcover (1) copy

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