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The Hello Luvvy Cares Blog is dedicated to supporting women who need us. By raising awareness through discussion, activism, and a partnership with non-profits, we believe we can change some lives. Below you will find the content from our about page, and sponsorship program. Please take a moment to read these so you will understand our ambition.


HelloLuvvy.com is an e-magazine for ladies of all ages and backgrounds. Our team is a thoughtfully chosen group of people who are unique and offer a realm of knowledge and insight to our readers. Our hope is that when you visit our site, it can be a positive, thought-provoking experience that enriches your busy, often stress-filled day. While the content of this site is the backbone of this process, the heart is our future goal of partnering with some amazing non-profits. A percentage of any money made on this site through advertisement will be given to an incredible non-profit that is out in the trenches working to make life better for women and young girls. This is what makes us unique from most websites out there. It is fun for us to offer you great content knowing that for every click, like, tag we get, it can go toward a greater purpose. Understand that as a reader and – with our greatest hopes – a consistent supporter, you are actually contributing just by viewing, sharing, and enjoying this content. It is one of those rare WIN/WIN relationships between all of us. We will be announcing our partnering non-profit very soon. But for now, we are so excited to start this site and bring you much enjoyed content!


It is our greatest hope that eventually business owners, both locally and nationally, will want to advertise on HelloLuvvy.com. As explained on our about page, the backbone of this website is great content, but the heart is our potential giving power. We plan to give 30% of your business’s advertisement fee to women and young girls who desperately need our assistance now. Hello Luvvy LLC is a passionate women’s interest e-magazine that strives to support women locally and globally. We are committed to bringing our audience fresh, creative, and empowering material. We are working on teaming up with a highly respected non-profit organization, and we will keep you posted and informed as we build this important relationship. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of HelloLuvvy.com, please contact us! We are ready to build a trusted relationship with you and your business.


Thank you for you time and support,


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