Happy Fathers Day From You

Two Guys Bow Ties_Header-01 Charles Barkley, Shaq, Michael Conley, Ray Dalton, Andre Wilson, Your Dad, Your Babies Daddy. Come this Sunday all of these men could have one thing in common– style and swag. All thanks to you and a Two Guys Bow Tie. There’s something classic about a bowtie. They induce a little nostalgia of days gone by. From the front porch swings of the South to the Parties of the rip-roaring 20’s a bow tie is the accessory of yesteryear. Now almost 100 years post-Gatsby the bowtie past meets style present. You’ve seen them in magazines and at weddings, on the red carpet and your local coffee shop. They are classic meets preppy or maybe nostalgic meets hipster and possibly (the ever dapper) traditional meets trendy. And now its time for your guy to meet his bowtie match. Two Guys Bow Ties make this neck wear out of wood. Yes, that’s right. They make them out of wood.  And you want your guy to have one. No matter what style your dude dons he will be able to look amazing in this particular strand of neck wear. And I’ll bet my next pedicure this summer is studded with a few days you want your guy to look sharp. What types of places might one wear a wooden bowtie? It’s June so it’s likely you two have a few weddings to attend this month and more later this summer. Try not to outdo the groom. Vacationing anytime soon? Make sure your dad stands out from the Birkenstock and sock wearing dads roaming cobblestone streets and sandy beaches. You paid a sitter. You bought a breezy summer dress (and maybe something else special) for the evening. It’s the kind of night out when a Polo just won’t cut it. Two Guys Collage-01 If you like the idea but are a little unsure about the Charles Barkley seal of approval then know Uncrate, Lauren Conrad and Arkansas’ own Ronnie Brewer have approved these ties for the wearing. Plus, Two Guys Bow Ties might be internationally recognized (French GQ, Malaysian Esquire) but one of those two guys is home grown. That’s right, Tim Paslay is a Fayetteville, Arkansas native. And thanks to Tim all of you Luvvies can spend a little less to pick up a Two Guys Bow Tie for all the Fathers you celebrate on Sunday. Use the code HelloLuvvy at checkout to get 15% off of these wooden bow ties. There are a lot of looks to choose from but don’t waste too much time making a decision this 15% discount only lasts until Monday the 17th. Here’s to you gift giver. May your dudes be dapper and your present praised. boxed


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