Hanging Succulent Garden DIY

hanging succulent diyMy husband and I have spent many hours working in the yard this summer, getting our back porch set up for evenings spent outdoors. We have a very large window that overlooks the whole porch, and I knew I wanted to do something fun that we would be able to enjoy from inside as well as outside. I settled on this colorful hanging succulent garden and liked it so much that I decided to share the project with all my luvvies!

cansYou will need:

-Clean, empty tin cans

-A drill

-Acrylic paint/washi tape for decorating


-Potting soil


-Small screw-in hooks (one for each can)


-A ruler

succulentsI used five cans and five succulents, but of course this can vary, depending upon your needs and the size of your cans.

painted cansI began by painting my cans. You may have to paint 2-3 coats in order to cover the can fully. This photo was taken after 2 coats of paint, but I still had to go over the lighter colors that didn't cover as well one more time.

drill holesNext, I had my husband assist me in drilling holes in each can. We drilled three holes, evenly spaced all the way around, about a 1/2 inch from the top of the can, and one hole in the very bottom of each can.

washi tapeOnce my holes were all drilled, I added the washi tape for an added touch to each can. This part is fun because you get to play around with it and see what creative designs you come up with! planted succulentsNow you are ready to plant your succulents in your new tin can planters!

thread twineOnce you have planted your succulents, you are ready to attach the twine to hang your plants. I threaded a piece of twine through each of the top holes and double knotted them so they would hold.

ready to hangWhen all three pieces of twine are attached, your can should look similar to the photo above.

measure hooksI enlisted the help of my husband yet again for this next part, as he has much more of an appreciation for precision.(That, and he is about 6 inches taller than I am.) He measured and then secured the hooks, evenly spaced in front of our window.

hangFor this next part it was helpful having two people working on the project, so that one person can hang and the other can let them know whether the planter is straight and hanging at just the right length. We chose to space our five planters evenly and have them all hanging at different lengths.

hanging succulent gardenThis was our end result! hanging succulent garden 2

We were pretty excited with how it turned out. I love the festive feel it adds to our patio, as well as the  sweet pop of color I now see when I look out my window! What do you luvvies think??

I would love to hear what types of crafts you would like to see for our DIY Thursdays! In the meantime, if any of you try out one of our crafts, we would love to see how they turn out! Just make sure to tag us on instagram (@hello_luvvy) or facebook, and we would be happy to repost!

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