Halloween Punch Guide

Halloween is all about candy, including adult candy: Halloween punch. For all of you that are looking for a great Halloween punch, here are 5 that can make your Halloween ghoultastic. Since I'm pregnant, I mostly focused on drinks that were good for the kids and adults alike, but for each one I've suggested a spirit to spice up whatever recipe you choose to make! 1. The Creepy witchesbrew I spy with my little eye a punch that you'll be watching all night. Make the most of dry ice and candied eyeballs with this punch. This punch would be perfectly complimented with a coconut rum. 2. The Sweet candycorn2 I love orange soda. I love it so much. When I saw this Halloween recipe that used Fanta as a base, I knew it had to make the list! PLUS the other ingredients make it taste like candy corn. Yes, please! Add orangesicle flavored vodka (yes it's real, yes it's amazing) to intensify the orange! 3. The Enchanting butter-3 Take a sip for however many Harry Potter costumes you see this Halloween. No, seriously. This butterbeer will be something you'll want to sip on all evening! Why not make your night magical with a Harry Potter theme drink. For the 21+ (non-pregnant crowd), this is just begging to be topped off with some butterscotch schnapps. 4. The Spookytrick-or-treat-punch I love how simple, cheap, and festive this punch is. Super easy, super fun. Gatorade and vodka are consistently paired together, hydrate while you dehydrate? Add to your punch for an adult spin. 5. The Bloody halloweensangria I know of you really love the gore and horror aspects of Halloween, so this is for you luvvs! This is the only recipe that uses alcohol as a base, but I know how many winos I have out there that need a wine based Halloween punch! A drink fit for Bloody Mary indeed. Turn non-alcoholic by switching the wine and Hard Mike's to regular ol' fruit juice. BONUS: pumpkin-ice-bucket-512x1024 For all of you that prefer bottled drinks instead, use this simple Halloween hack to make your drinks perfectly seasonable.

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