Halloween Hair Tutorial: Simple Cinderella Up-Do

cinderella (2) That's right. I'm thirty years old, I love Halloween, and I'm going full-on Disney princess this year. And which princess is more recognizable than the bibbity-bobbity-beautiful Cinderella herself? I collected a few things for this easy tutorial, including a white headband (from Kroger), some long white gloves (from Amazon), a cheap pair of costume pearls (from Charming Charlies), and a black "choker," which is actually a stretchy black headband (also from Charming Charlies). In total, I only spent about $10 dollars on this costume! To achieve the perfect Cinderella hair, I needed to create some serious height in a relatively simple up-do; because let's be real-- we're aiming for post-Fairy Godmother Cinderella. So I rolled the majority of my hair into a great big sock bun, leaving out only a small section around my face. cinderella (18) Next I used my teasing brush to backcomb that front section. Then I rolled it up toward my face, sort of like in my victory rolls tutorial. cinderella (17) cinderella (16) Secure the front roll by pinning the underneath of it, then use your fingers to gently pull and poof it out until you get that nice bouncy Cinderella's-bangs look. cinderella (19) Carefully add your headband, choker, gloves, and pearls and you're ready for a night at the ball-- or the Halloween party! I paired my Cinderelly look with a sixties-inspired blue striped dress, but you could go all out and find you a pale blue ballgown to complete the look. cinderella (7) cinderella (9) cinderella (8) And of course some rosy lipstick! katie-sig   p.s. Looking for some more Halloween inspo? Check out these adorable braided cat ears! Or this Downton Abby-inspired look!

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