Hair Tutorial: Easy, Beachy Mermaid Waves

Happy May, luvvies! In honor of all things sunny and summer-y, we want to inspire you for your upcoming summertime plans -- whether you're headed to the beach or just your local patio -- with a whole month of beachy posts. Today's beauty article is dedicated to crafting the easiest, breeziest mermaid waves. mermaid waves (3)text To begin: start with clean hair.  I like to do a middle part when I'm rocking the mermaid waves. mermaid waves (1) The secret to perfect mermaid waves, (as opposed to bigger, flatter ribbon curls*), is to twist each small section before you wrap it around the barrel of the wand. *Larger rolled curls are created by making sure the section of hair is flat against the wand barrel (like wrapping a flat ribbon around it). mermaid waves (4) Wrap the section back away from your face, then hold the end of the twisted section of hair and allow the curl to set for around 7 seconds. Don't burn your hair off! mermaid waves (7) Continue to curl each section away from your face, then do the same on the other side of your head. mermaid waves (11)mermaid waves (13) Normally I use a brush to separate my curls; however, for mermaid waves I use my fingers to carefully comb through each section. mermaid waves (15) Once you've finger-combed your curls, use a sea salt spray (you know I love this one by Not Your Mother's) to add texture and give your waves lasting hold. mermaid waves (17)mermaid waves (20) Well there you have it girls: the perfect hair style for the beach. And this whole look only takes around 10 minutes. Eat your heart out, Ariel! mermaid waves (21) And yes, luvvies wear lipstick at the beach. katie-sig

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