goodbye to summer: outfit post

Excitement for fall also means saying goodbye to the warm sunshine and beautiful flowers of summer. Labor day weekend reminded me of that. You must get in that last swim at the river, eat that last home grilled hamburger, and wear those last tank tops and cutoffs. Sure there will be a few more warm weekends, but now is the time to savor them. This is my goodbye summer outfit full of bright pinks, jewels, and neon. These are all the things I loved about summer style, and some photos of the luvvly roses I planted this year. roses2

The experience of seasons changing makes you appreciate life in so many wonderful ways. Seeing first hand the cyclical pattern of earth's death and rebirth makes me have a greater understanding of that cycle in my own life.



neon jewel necklace and top:Savoir Faire, pink polka-dot skirt: Grey Dog Boutique, chunky jewel necklace (long):


How are you savoring these last warm days?


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