Gold Foil DIY

gold foil diy finishedFor the last year or so I have been head over heels for gold. I have always loved gold jewelry, but it is a much more recent development that this love has transitioned from my fingers, ears, and neck onto my home decor, flower pots, and even my planner. Every time I go to purchase something with a gold foiled design, I  wonder how difficult it would be to make, so I finally decided to take the challenge!

gold foil diy suppliesYou will need:

-Glassware, mugs, or whatever else you might want to foil

-A metal leaf kit (can be purchased from your local craft store for under $10)

-Metal Leaf adhesive

-Paint brushes

-Scissors (optional)

gold foil diy step 1The very first thing you will need to do is clean the surface you plan on foiling. The foil will not stick as well to a dirty surface. Also, my leaf kit warns that with certain surfaces you will need to use a primer before applying the foil. Luckily, with a surface like glass, you just have to wipe it down! Side note: This is something that sort of takes practice, so you might not want to start on anything too valuable. I thrifted these three mugs for a total of $2.

gold foil diy step 2After your surface is nice and clean (and for some of you, primed), you are ready to apply the adhesive. I used a fine-tipped paint brush to apply my design. The adhesive is white, and then changes to clear as it becomes tacky and ready for foil.

gold foil diy step 3This next step is where the optional use of scissors comes in. I opted to cut my foil sheet in half because my mug was so short. I knew that once cut, I could use one sheet to cover all of the designs I painted on my mug. This saved a whole sheet of foil and made it so I had less to deal with during the smoothing out process.

gold foil diy step 4Once your adhesive becomes clear and reaches the sticky/tacky stage, you are ready to apply your foil. (Hint: if you are unsure about your adhesive, follow the directions on your specific brand and the metal leaf kit! Mine took about 10-15 minutes before it was time to apply the foil.). Essentially, you will apply the foil face down onto your surface. Use a soft,dry brush to go over the foil to make sure it is smooth before pealing off the paper backing.

gold foil diy step 5Here is a shot of what mine looked like after I removed the thin paper backing.

gold foil diy step 6Now you are ready to get rid of the excess gold and see if the foil stuck to your adhesive. This was a very messy process for me, so I suggest doing it over a trash can! I used the same soft brush to gently go over the gold. If your adhesive worked properly, you should just be able to brush the gold flakes away until all your left with is your design.

gold foil diyIn the end I was pretty happy with the way mine turned out. They certainly aren't perfect, but I got better each time. Also, it was so fun to get creative with how I wanted to decorate each piece!

Have any of you luvvies ever tried any DIY gold foiling?? How did it turn out? We always love to hear feedback from our amazing readers, especially if they have tried one of our DIY projects. If that is you, please contact us via facebook or tag us in an instagram picture (@hello_luvvy), so we can share your creations! Happy crafting!


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