Gold Branch Photo Display

Hello luvvly ladies! I hope you are are having an amazing day. To make your week even better, I am going to teach you how to make a gold branch photo display. You could even use this display in your office for an inspiration "board," too. The possiblites are endless.

You will need:

— Tree Branch (not pictured)

— Gold Spray Paint

— Push-in Metal Hangers

— Hot Glue Gun & Glue

— Small Clothes Pins

— Newspaper or Tissue Paper

— Hammer (optional)

gold-branch-photo-display-hello-luvvy1 First, you are going to need to find the perfect branch for your photo display. When looking for your branch, try to find one that has a few sturdy points so when installing your hangers, they will anchor your branch to the wall. After you find the perfect branch, spray paint it gold. gold-branch-photo-display-hello-luvvy5 Now it is time to add the hangers to your photo display. The kind I bought allowed me to just push the points into the branch until they were secure. gold-branch-photo-display-hello-luvvy4 Next you will spray paint the clothes pins gold. After they dry, hot glue them to the branch where ever you please. This part is more of a personal preference. Now all that is left is hanging the photo display with small nails to the wall. gold-branch-photo-display-hello-luvvy2 gold-branch-photo-display-hello-luvvy3 This photo display is pretty easy, but it is super cute. Have a luvvly weekend and stay beautiful. xo, Jessica

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