Gift Wrapping: Get Creative!

The older I get, the more I appreciate thoughtful giving. I am especially fond of a handmade present. Similarly, a thoughtfully wrapped gift makes me infinitely happy. I have seen so many adorable gift wrapping ideas on sites like pinterest. I think it is not only the idea that the gift be more visually stimulating, but I also love the gesture of taking the time to brighten up somebody's day by letting them know you put thought into creating something for them. I have been trying to use this thoughtful wrapping philosophy more and more in my personal gifting. I thought I would share with you ladies how I wrapped my grandma's birthday present this past week!

wrapping suppliesAs you all might have noticed by now, I'm on a major washi tape kick. I think it is so fun to just look for things around the house you can use to wrap your gifts! In this instance, I used only a brown paper bag,  a marker, some washi tape, and some paper scraps.

wrapping step 1

wrapping step 2

wrapping step 4


What do you ladies think? Do you favor a pretty package, or are you more of the "it's what's in the package that counts" philosophy?

PS- This package was full of Stickygrams! (obsessed)


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