Geometric Corkboard DIY

Today I'm going to share a DIY with you luvvies that I made for my workspace at my new job. I don't know if you luvvies feel this way, but I think no matter how small your workspace is, adding a little personal touch makes your day just that much more enjoyable! supplies

you will need

-A corkboard

-2-3 different colors of craft paint

-A paintbrush

-Painter's tape

geometric corkboard diyBegin by using your tape to mark off your design. As you can see above, I just made diagonal lines across my board.

Next, apply the paint. Each color I chose took about 2 layers of paint to cover well.

Once your paint is dry, peel up the tape.

All done! I just love the way it looks covered in photos and mementos of those near and dear to me. I can't wait to hang it up at work!


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