Game of Thrones Dessert

In case you didn't know it yet, you need this Game of Thrones dessert for Sunday. It is finally time for Game of Thrones to return which means you will probably be having a GoT watch party on Sunday with whichever friend is lucky enough to have HBOGo. Because I'll be watching it with my friends, I decided to make my own Game of Thrones themed dessert. This dessert is an easy snack to make, and it's a great excuse to nom on some pocky! The Iron ThroneDSC_31221 Ingredients 1 cup of whipped Greek cream cheese 1 cup of whipped cream 1 tablespoon of nutella 2 tablespoons of peanut butter 3 packs of pocky Directions Measure out the ingredients and then mix them together. The size I made is for 3 to 4 people, but this recipe is soooo easy to double if you're wanting to feed more people, or if you know your crew will quickly destroy this dip. After making the mixture, let it sit in the fridge for an hour or two to become more solidified. Then, shape it into a circle. Once you have a good base, you will use this to make your very own iron throne out of pocky.DSC_31171 To organize the pocky to look like the iron throne, you will essentially let the pocky be the swords on the throne. The middle piece will be the highest and then the pieces of pocky get lower as it descends. I did two rows of these and then I made some other pieces to look like the bottom and the arms. DSC_31321 I bought more pocky then I needed (three packs). I arranged the remaining pocky around the dip so that it could be used as the pieces to  dip with. A storm of pocky!DSC_31411 If you've ever wanted your own iron throne, here's your chance! Happy Eats My Sweets, Melinda

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