Game Day Red: With Hello Luvvy!

Get ready for game day with us!

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fashion blogThe Normal Girl is wearing a thrifted vintage red pencil skirt, American Apparel black body suit purchased at Grey Dog Vintage Boutique (Fayetteville), red hat, booties, and necklace from Savoir Faire (Fayetteville). Photo Credit: Amanda Munoz Photography. 

Not sure about you luvvies, but I am very excited about tomorrow's game. When you live in a college town you can't ignore the excitement in the air for the season's first football game. All the shop windows are donning their red and white and if you drive around downtown don't be surprised if you hear a hog calling (Woo Pig!). It is football, it is the South, and it is Arkansas. Whether you care for football or not, I think any human could enjoy the festivities of tailgating with friends and family. Our team may be terrible (I sure hope not), but there will be fun regardless.

More Ideas for tomorrow's game:

from Kelsey our favorite luvvy currently living across the pond!

First Razorback Game Outfit-01

Vintage Razorback T-ShirtMadewell High waisted black skirt, Red Booties, Gold Wrap Bangles, Gold Pig Ring, and Team Sarah Koozie - Sarah Henry is an Arkansas girl who had a series of strokes last December. Against the odds she survived and is fighting hard to regain speech, vision and physical movement. A Team Sarah Koozie (shirt, onesie, etc.) supports Sarah Henry financially and shows your support for whats great about Arkansas - the people and our pigs. 

Make sure you come say Hello Luvvy! tomorrow if you see me at the game. And Gooo HOGS!



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