Game Day Hair: Easy Braided Beehive

Fall in the American south means two definite things: 1) it's football season, and 2) it's still hot outside. These two facts can often lead to a hair crisis because, like, my hair is totally going to fall at the tailgate in this 85-degree weather, y'all.  The easy solution is to just wear your hair up, and today's tutorial features one of my favorite ways to glam-ify a poofy up-do. beehive header1 The braided band beehive is the perfect coif for the real woman who appreciates vintage hairstyles, and if you're already well acclimated with your teasing comb, you're going to be ready to call those Hogs (or Red Wolves, or Bears, or whatever) in five minutes. You will need:  Bobby pins Teasing comb Small hair elastics To begin, separate the top section of your hair, as if you were going to pull it half-up, half-down. Back-comb that entire upper section of hair, creating plenty of shape-able volume on the crown of your head. And don't even act like you weren't going to tease it anyway. Secure upper section of hair with bobby pins at the back of the head. beehive collage1 Take the remaining hair that's hanging down in the back and divide it into two equal sections. Tightly braid both sections and then secure each braid with a rubber band. I used tiny clear elastic ones so they wouldn't show up once I wrap the braid around. Pull one braid up and over the top of your head (like a head-band) and pin it down about an inch from your hairline. Do the same with the other braid, making sure to tuck in the ends of each braid. beehive collage2 Use the pointy end of your teasing comb to shape and round out your beehive, then spray with extra hold hairspray. You are now ready to tailgate like a champ WITHOUT sweating under a mop of deflated curly hair! beehive collage 3 You know what goes great with a sassy fall-time beehive? Some (razorback) red lipstick. katie-sig  

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