Front Braid with Soft Waves

Hello luvvies, and welcome to fall (finally!). Now that the weather is cooling off a bit, (in Arkansas, that means it's 80 degrees outside instead of 100), we can finally bust out all those dreamy hairstyles that were too suffocating during the summer. img_5218   That being said, no one appreciates an easy hair tutorial more than we do here at HL; so I've done my best to provide a simple step-by-step guide that will help you complete this look in under 10 minutes. Keep reading! For this style, I started by using my infernal hell wand to create some soft waves. This process is super quick: grab a 2-inch section of hair by the ends, wrap it around the inverted curling wand while simultaneously twisting the section of hair, then leave the ends pulled away from the curling wand. Once you've curled your whole head, use your fingers to gently pull out the waves a bit. img_5182 Now use a comb to create a wide part-- and I do mean wiiiiiide. Like, wherever you're planning on parting it (above your eyebrow arch maybe?) go even wider. Trust me. Use that same comb to create a section of hair (maybe an inch and a half wide) from your part to your ear. img_5191img_5193 Now secure all the rest of your hair to keep it out of the way while you're braiding. To begin your front braid, separate three tiny pieces of hair at your part. You'll want to pull each section under the one in the middle (like a Dutch braid), making sure to add a little more of your front section to each of the three smaller pieces as you work. img_5200img_5202 Once your braid reaches behind your ear, go ahead and secure it with a small elastic; this step is important because it allows you to pull at the pieces of the braid to make it look bigger. img_5204 But before you start pulling at the braid, check out my secret weapon: volumizing hair powder. This product provides a little extra texture and allows for a bigger, badder braid. (Here I'm using Powder'ful volumizer by Got 2b.) img_5208img_5210 Finally, pin your braid behind your ear and remove the pins holding back the rest of your hair. img_5211img_5222 I love this look for fall; it gives the impression that you've actually put forth some effort while still feeling laid-back and bohemian. The front braid with soft waves would be an excellent style for school or work, date night, football games, or for a luvvly fall picnic-- and keep an eye out for that last one here on HL (tomorrow)! img_5214  

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