Free People Inspired Denim Shorts DIY

I don't know about you all but I feel like we went from winter right into summer, so I find myself suddenly in need of some summer shorts. I love these Free People Shorts and if you want to buy them I totally don't blame you (see here)!  Since these shorts cost $88 dollars and I know I have some denim lying around, I thought I would try to simulate the look in a two-step DIY project. You know us ladies at are all about saving some money and a good project!


Here is what you need for step 1:


Denim Shots



Sewing Machine or Hand Held Sewing Machine

Cut your shorts to the desired length, keeping in mind that you are going to add some length with your lace. I started this project using the hand-held machine which worked magically, but it broke half-way through (insert sad face here),  so I had to use my sewing machine. Since I am a novice with the sewing machine it took me a little while, but I am sure many of you ladies could whip out some lace very quickly.

DIY denim shorts

Completed with lace!

DIY denim

Now on to step 2, here is what you will need:


Plastic Container

Rubber Gloves

Plastic Bag

Kitchen Brush or Sponge

DIY bleaching denim

Pour a thin layer of bleach into your plastic container in a ventilated area. Lay your jeans onto a plastic bag to prevent bleach from leaking through onto your floors. Once your gloves are on, simply dip your kitchen brush into the bleach and begin to brush over your jean shorts. Use as much or as little as you want. I prefer this method of bleaching because the results are almost instant, therefore you have more control over how light or dark you want your denim to be.

DiY bleach denim

DIY bleach denim

Once you have achieved the color you like or maybe slightly darker (the denim will slightly lighten after washing and drying), throw your shorts in the wash on cold to rinse out all the bleach and dry them.

DIY bleach denim

That's it! I think they turned out pretty nice! Have you bleached some denim or created some shorts for this summer? If you have please share them with us on our Facebook Page !! I am excited to try some denim dyeing next, and of course I will let you luvvies in on it!



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