Four Fantastic Fall Flavors

Ladies, did you hear PSL is out!?! Of course you did, it seems that pumpkin is EVERYTHING in the fall time. While I do love a good iced pumpkin spice, I feel bad that there are a lot of other great, warm, comforting foods that are passed over during fall time. Just because it seems like pumpkin is the king of fall, doesn't mean that we can't notice all of the prince and princesses in waiting.

I wanted to put together for you my favorite four flavors of fall that are not pumpkin. Below are four fruits and veggies in season, and a few ways to work these into your fall cooking. Cozy up, warm up some tea, and read along to find the flavors that will make your fall festively full. This list below includes ways to incorporate fall foods into breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Fall Flavors

1. Brussels Sprouts Two flavors that are definitely late summer/early fall are brussles sprouts and shallots. Fun fact, I just recently figured out (FINALLY) where the shallots in my Kroger were, so I've really been enjoying getting to cook with shallots these last few weeks. & Brussels sprouts and bacon are the besttttt. I say this as girl who really, really used to think she hated brussels sprouts. I mean, I was the girl that claimed nothing could change my mind about them. And then, as with anytime you make a definitive proclamation, I tried brussles and bacon sprouts and my life was changed. Photo from Saveur. brussles sprouts, brussles sprouts and bacon, bacon, fall foods, fall veggies, in season, fall sides 2. Sweet Potatoes Sweet taters are the sweetest of sweet. You know that a Thanksgiving is incomplete without sweet potato casserole, but there are so many other delicious ways you can eat sweet potatoes. One of my favorite sweet potato recipes is this sweet potato samosa I made earlier this year. Mhmmmmmm, if you missed this the first time I posted it, it's time you revisit it's awesomeness. If you like Indian food at all, you'll love this. sweet potato, sweet potato samosas, samosas, fall sides, fall food, 3. Acorn Squash

Spaghetti squash gets a lot of attention, but acorn squash can be just as much fun. Just like with spaghetti squash, acorn squash can be an easy vehicle stuff in different ways. Photo by Johnny Miller for Martha Stewart.

baked squash, acorn squash, fall foods, fall sides, martha Bonus: Acorn Squash for Breakfast It's easy to think of  acorn squash as a dinner dish, but luvvs, it can be JUST as good as breakfast. One of my favorite local restaurants makes a mean stuffed acorn squash for breakfast, and it has inspired me to learn to make my own. Love this recipe as a quick, simple way to make a healthy breakfast. 4. Pears

Ohhhh ladies, you are lucky in this recipe because it isn't just one fall fruit in this, but TWO, pears and figs. Pears, figs, and warm goat cheese combine to make a sweet and salty appetizer.  Photo by Lisa Goldfinger of Panning the Globe. fig, pears, goat cheese, appetizers, fall foods

Bonus: Pear Bread What, what? Pear bread! Smitten Kitchen is one of my favorite food blogs, and a few years ago she posted some pear bread. Your friends are all going to be making banana nut bread and pumpkin bread, and that will be fantastic, but you'll be shining brighter with pear bread. Mix up your sweets by stepping into using new fruits. Photo from Smitten Kitchen

pear bread, pear, fall foods, fall, flavored breads

I hope you're putting boots and scarves on and beginning to enjoy the beautiful crunch of leaves. Don't forget to enjoy these recipes along with this cooler weather. Happy Eats My Sweets, melinda-sig

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