Fool-Proof Winged Liner Tutorial, ft. Oops Liner by Tyra Banks

Since January at Hello Luvvy has been all about fierce functionality, I am pleased to close out this first month of 2015 with one of my favorite new beauty products: the Oops Liner and Corrector from Tyra Banks' cosmetics line. oops liner (14) For all of you out there who just cannot seem to manage the perfect cat-eye liner, take comfort in knowing that your technique isn't the problem-- you just haven't yet discovered the Oops Liner. As you can see, the double-ended tool provides two felt-tipped pens: one is an extremely silky black eye liner, and the other contains makeup remover. Brilliant, right? [caption id="attachment_10270" align="aligncenter" width="700"]here you can see a swatch of the black liner, plus three crisp lines made by the corrector side of the tool. here you can see a swatch of the black liner, plus three crisp lines made by the corrector side of the tool.[/caption] The Oops liner allows for mistakes, which makes applying it stress-free. As you line each lid, feel free to extend your liner back toward your brow-bone to create the dramatic winged look of your dreams. oops liner (26) When you're all finished with the liner side, go back and correct any wonky, uneven strokes with the pencil-sharp point of the corrector side of the pen. oops liner (30) Knowing what you do about my endless luvv for Tyra Banks, you may be thinking that this review is a bit biased. And while I am completely smitten with other products from her HSN-based line (such as her 2 minute TY Over Set), I am dead serious about the time-saving qualities of this Oops liner. In short, it has been the answer to my cosmetic prayers. oops liner (36)oops liner (39) Honestly, I cannot believe you've made it all the way to the end of this article-- now go buy the Oops Liner right now and kiss your winged-liner agony goodbye. Then put on some lipstick. katie-sig

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