Flannel Shirts and Button Front Skirts

Flannel shirts and button front skirts, i.e. the definition of easy, simple style. Keeping style clean, simple, and straight forward should always be the goal. I've been talking a lot about keeping style simple. I don't want you to worry too much about what goes with what—if you should add that necklace, and that scarf, and that hat. Yikes! I'm getting overwhelmed just thinking about it. When we do that, we complicate things. Let's not complicate things. Dressing yourself should be fun and easy—no stress. I like to find one item I want to wear, then build around it. For this look, I chose to build around this button front skirt. You can pair this skirt with just about anything (which is why I luvv it). In fact, before I left the house to have these pictures taken, I had paired it with about three different tops. I finally settled on this classic flannel. And sometimes that's all it takes, a moment to take a deep breath and go, "You know what? This works." And go with it! Leave the questions and self-doubt behind. Purchasing items that are versatile like this skirt can really help to simplify your wardrobe. Keep that in mind when you are out shopping and make sure to ask yourself if what you are buying can be worn in many different ways, with many different shoes, tops, or pants. Here's my take on keeping things simple today. fall outfit hello luvvy fall outfit hello luvvy fall outfit hello luvvy fall outfit hello luvvy fall outfit hello luvvy

fall outfit hello luvvy(click images below to shop. flannel top available in store at Maude Boutique)

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How can you simplify your style and take the stress out of your daily routine? How can you make styling yourself more fun? I would love to talk to you about it! Comment below with any tips, tricks, or questions.


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