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Five Ladies You Can't Ignore (Musically)

It is assumed that people like lists, and It is assumed that people like music. Here is a musically closed off attempt to produce the top five female musical artists that men (& women) should give a proper chance.


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 Lana Del Rey

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant reminds of me of the first time a girl punched me in the face (Thanks Allison Marie).  She screams confidence and is able to bend genres /genders/decades.  Her music feels current, old, and futuristic all at once.  Born to Die- The Paradise Edition is hard to forget.


Video Games

Blue Jeans

Born to Die

 National Anthem

Off to the Races


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Sarah Barthel is gorgeous! Phantogram keeps things simple (American Indie) and they do it well.  They have numerous songs that stick immediately and adding a visual element doesn’t hurt


When I’m Small

     Mouth full of Diamonds

     Turning into Stone

    You are the Ocean



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 Little Dragon

Yukimi Nagano has a unique voice and style. It is hard to tell if you get lost in the beats, her voice, or her words.  The words seem fun but deep enough to keep you intrigued.



Ritual Union


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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Karen Lee Orzolek has known exactly what to do for over a decade.  Placing them (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) into a genre is nearly impossible and that adds to their appeal.   She writes about the same concepts as other frontwomen but displays a unique way of making it “cooler” than the first time you heard it.





Heads Will Roll


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Elena Tonra's voice is peaceful, it reminds me of praying for loved ones.  It would be nice if they would put out an entire album. They usually release EP’s with only a handful of tracks. This could be the beauty of them. I want to know more and hear an entire story.







J.R. Pulido

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