Five Healthy Habits

"Healthy" is a desirable lifestyle. We all want to exude a healthy glow. We all want to live a healthier day-to-day life. We all want to feel healthy day in and day out. Getting from "I want to be healthy" to "I am a healthy chick" doesn't start with a raising your right hand and promising to make it to Barre three times a week, cycling class twice and to channel you inner rabbit by eating only salads for lunch no. matter. what. Creating a foundation of healthy habits is really the starting line. Making some changes that seem to be small are the gateway to being a healthier __________ (insert your name here). Here are 5 healthy habits that you will get you glowing, living and feeling healthier in their own right, but will also get you motivated to add other good-for-you moments (like that Barre class). Healthy Habits_board-01 Start the Day with Warm Lemon Water: If you do one thing to kick-start healthy habits, choose this one. Before you eat breakfast or even have a cup of coffee, squeeze half a lemon into a mug, add warm water and drink up. This wakes up your digestive system,  aids in cleansing and detoxifying your body, rejuvenates your skin, boosts your immune system, helps to balance your body's PH (which keeps you from getting sick), energizes you, freshens your breath and even aids in weight loss. So really, do this one thing (from this one cheery mug). Switch Your Fizz: You've heard it a thousand times: that soda, diet or otherwise, is not helping you. For bubbles, the sparkling water game is where it's at. La Croix comes in flavors like  lime, mango, apricot,  coconut, grapefruit (my personal fav), and all the cool kids are talking about peach pear. A little sparkling water with strawberries or cucumber and mint will make lying at the pool (or dreaming about it from your office) feel luxe without leaving you full of sugar or its substitutes. Commit To What You Can Do: Working out is important. Physical activity makes you walk a little straighter and think a little more about what you order when you sit down at the local Tex-Mex joint come happy hour. But not everyday's schedule has a place for an hour to workout and an extra hour to shower. Let's be realistic though-- some days you can find that hour. Look at your week and know what you can commit to and then commit to it. Short on time? Try the 7 Minute Workout App-- I've only heard great things. Does your schedule allow for more? Take a class at the gym or use the Nike Training Club app to find the perfect workout for you. Sweet shoes are great motivation. Take A Bath: Stress does really terrible things to your body. So do toxins. A warm epsom salt bath with a few drops of essential oil helps with both those things.  Pour yourself a glass of red wine and soak for half an hour. Sleep: Break outs, wrinkles, redness, dark circles,  and puffiness are on every girls "hate" list. Too little sleep will get you a grab-bag of these tricks. Going to bed requires discipline; it's not always easy, but try to get something like 8 hours as many nights as you can. Not feeling wrecked leaves you with energy to cook instead of order Chinese (again), take the stairs when the elevator is right there, and do something that doesn't require a remote. This bedding might help draw you to your bedroom. Pick one (lemon water) or two (lemon water plus another one) or all five, and I am willing to bet you will feel a little healthier by Friday. kelsey-sig Header image source (and more info on magical lemon water)

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