Five Fashionable Films: Get the Look, Part 1

When asked recently in an interview, "What inspires your style?," the first things I thought of were films. Great movies inspire people in so many ways, and one of them is fashion. So I have decided to start a series about some of my absolute favorite films that have not only inspired my style, but also countless women, for oftentimes decades. This is the first post of the series called Five Fashionable Films: Get the Look, where you can actually "shop the film," and I am more than excited about it! I want to start with  Breathless, a French New Wave classic that could be considered the bread and butter of style. While I can't tell you if every girl goes through a French phase,  I know I did, and I've basically never left it. My obsession with all things French started at around age 25. Part of the obsession, along with taking French classes and traveling to Paris, is watching every notable French film you can get your hands on. This film was one of my first. Through my Francophile journey I learned that not only was the  French New Wave movement cinematically relevant, it was also fashionably on point. Directed by Jean-Luc Godard and taking place in Paris in the 60's, the clothing worn by Patricia in Breathless is classic and easily translated to clothing in stores today.

A bout de souffle(1960)




I love the simplicity of this look and it is admittedly one of my go to outfits. All you need is a great graphic tee, black ankle length jeans, and some classic black flats.

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Stripes everyday? Absolutely. It is not hard to find 60's-inspired stripes and dresses. And as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, collars are everywhere.


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(What is French New Wave anyway?)

It was a movement where filmmakers "felt that most mainstream cinema, especially in France, was not expressing human life, thought, and emotion in a genuine way. Many of the popular movies of the era, they argued, were dry, recycled, inexpressive and out of touch with the daily lives of post-war French youth. "

I'm curious, what movies have inspired your style?


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