Fast and Flawless: "Baking" Tutorial

First there was highlighting. Then we had to learn about full-on contouring. Next came strobing, which is still one of my favorite quick highlighting techniques. Now luvvies, prepare to meet the next step in mind-blowing, skin-perfecting cosmetic application: BAKING. While this technique may seem like it represents a more evolved era of cosmetics, (I did learn about this on Rupaul's Drag Race, after all), it's actually one that your grandmothers probably used. Remember that "setting powder" Grandma always had on her vanity? baking tutorial (1) Baking is 1) a way to highlight your cheekbones and under-eye area without using shimmery creams or powders (oily-skinned folks, rejoice!); 2) the most amazing way to give your skin that smooth, creamy, almost-photo-shopped look of perfection. I'm not particularly oily-- and y'all know I love a nice shimmery highlighter-- but this baking method completely hides my under-eye circles AND those tiny little pre-wrinkles that hide out under and at the corners of my eyes. Let's begin. The products:  For today's tutorial, I'm using HD Finishing Powder by NYX in "Banana." It's the perfect shade and it's super affordable. baking tutorial (2) You'll also need a Beauty Blender or a makeup sponge of some kind-- wet, but wrung out. And grab one of your fluffy powder brushed while you're in your makeup bag. We'll need that to reveal our perfectly baked skin. The technique: Go ahead and apply all your liquid makeup, meaning your foundation and concealer. While you're at it, do your eye makeup, too-- you're not going to want any eye shadow fallout on these flawless cheekbones we're about to create. Now use your damp makeup sponge to collect a lot of powder. Gently apply the powder under your eyes and across your cheekbones. baking tutorial (3) Feel free to pack on A LOT of product here. The powder I'm using is really buildable, so I just caked it on. Don't worry, we'll be buffing it off later. baking tutorial (8) Once you've layered on your matte powder, let it bake. baking tutorial (10) In other words, chill for around ten minutes (in the morning, you could totally use this time to drink your coffee or check your Twitter or fix your hair); while you're relaxing, you're actually "baking" the powder into all your fine lines (thus rendering them invisible!) and melting your finishing powder into your liquid base, and therein creating a totally flawless highlighted look. You will, however, look like a total made-up mess during this waiting period. My husband (hilariously?) told me I looked like Morticia Addams while I was waiting for my look to finish baking. Now use your big fluffy powder brush to buff all that excess powder away. All that will remain is your perfect glam face, expertly highlighted and dangerously gorgeous. baking tutorial (15)baking tutorial (17)baking tutorial (21) I added a bit of dusty rose blush right under my cheekbones to complete this look. baking tutorial (27) Girls, I'd like to think that I always bring you pretty good tricks, but this one is a serious winner. I don't often wear heavy powdery makeup, but this technique provides such a beautiful finish. I would definitely recommend this for a special event or for anyone who wants to try highlighting but, due to oilier skin, doesn't want to add any extra shininess to her face. baking tutorial (26) Have a wonderful week, luvvies. And try baking-- you'll never look back. katie-sig

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