Fashionable New Year's Resolutions

While making resolutions regarding fashion may seem silly to some, to me it makes perfect sense. When we write about fashion and makeup here at Hello Luvvy, it is not because we think you need to look perfect all the time. We write about it because when that day rolls around when you want to look your best, we want to be here to support you. We can be that little bird singing over your shoulder, "Wear it, you look amazing!" and, "Yes that red lipstick is perfect!" That is who we want to be for you. So as I sit down and think about some resolutions for the side of you that loves to look and feel amazing, I hope you find yourself inspired to take on a few of these resolutions or even make your own. fashion resolutions 1. Wear more hats. Hats are fun and they make you look good. Women used to wear hats all the time-- men, too. Then something terrible happened and it was over. Now is the time to bring them back: a wide-brimmed black hat is instant chic, a bolero is instant sex appeal and a little topper is instant cute. 2. Accessorize. This is something that I often forget to do. Accessorizing adds so much depth to a simple t-shirt and jeans. So this year I'll be on the prowl for great accessories, namely: long pendant necklaces that elongate your body and dainty bracelets and rings. 3. Make a shopping budget that works for you and stick to it. This can mean a million things, but what I want you to think about is investing in a wardrobe that works in your budget, is versatile, and makes you feel fabulous. Set aside a reasonable amount of cash per pay check that is for shopping. Sometimes you will spend it all on one pair of shoes, or sometimes you may find a few tops that are perfect for your look. To build your wardrobe, first purchase the basic items: good jeans, little black dress, blazer, t-shirts, a great pencil skirt. Then build around it with trendy items that you currently love. Spend more on those individual classic items and less on trendy pieces. Balance is key. 4. Take time to enjoy dressing up 2-3 times a week. Whether it be date night, or that baby shower you're headed to, or even a day out on the town with girlfriends, dressing up gives you instant confidence. If I'm rollin' in my sweat pants for about a week, chances are I am pretty depressed or not feeling too good about myself. As soon as I take some time to look a little better, I somehow start feeling better and this rolls over to the next day. It is about getting in a good cycle. You can do it! I know I can, too. 5. Compliment yourself and others. If you see a friend wearing something you know was a fashion risk for her, tell her how great she looks. And instead of always talking yourself down and out of things like "I look fat in this," and "I can't pull that off, " talk yourself into things. An example, my New Year's Eve outfit. When I saw the perfect sequined crop and high-waisted skirt in vogue (on a model), I knew I had to have it. I immediately went to the store, tried it on and purchased it even though I don't have a model body. New Year's rolls around and I arrive at the event and part of me is really scared to take off my coat. All these thoughts ran through my mind like: I'm too pale, too un-toned, and I'm 30 about to sport a crop into 2014. My mother would kill me! I mean this part of my body has been hidden to the public, even in summers, since probably high school and it is about to make its debut. I was nervous. Then I said to my grown up self, "you know what? I love this look, I love that I am 30 and about to rock a freakin' crop top and I don't care what anyone thinks about it." I took off my coat, and I felt powerful. I had an amazing time, mid-drift and all. It's all in your attitude, so have a good one toward others and yourself. Fashion is about living in the moment and not caring about whether or not something will still be great in 10 years. Now is the time to loosen up and have fun with your style. After all you only live once and time really does fly. Happy Fashionable New Year Luvvies! darcy-signature

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