Fashionable Ladies Wear Matching Separates

Matching separates, which were once only found in your grandmother's closet, are kind of a big deal right now. Mostly, they are a big deal in the world of high fashion. matchymatchy   With any new trend, you first find them on the runway and among the rich and famous, then slowly over time they trickle down to us poor fashion-loving beggars. As with the trickle down economics theory, the two-piece-matching-separate trend seemingly has taken forever to grace the presence of us paupers (insert sad face here). My assumption is that they can run a little pricey due to their often fabulous prints and fancy fabrics. Among the (very few) retailers selling affordable matching separates, you find the master trend setting located across the pond, but completely available to U.S. shoppers. Asos has an entire genre dedicated to "suits and separates" and they are constantly adding new pieces with new wonderful prints and styles. Keep in mind you will probably pay around $50 per piece. So the investment might seem high for one outfit, but I think this once classic look is here to stay. Here are 10 of our favorite matchy-matchy separates. (prices are for one piece of each link) [show_lookbook_widget id="127728"]       matching separates I love how you can find almost any matching separate to suit your personality. These are fun, fashionable, and demand immediate fashion sense respect. darcy-sig

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