Fall Travel Wishlist

Fall Travel Wishlist_Header-01 Fall travel is dreamy: packing a chunky sweater, finding the best apple spice pancakes within reasonable walking distance of your hotel and ending evenings with hot chocolate (maaaybe with an addition of Bailey’s). If a place has a fireplace or an outside fire pit, then all the better. I want changing leaves. I want it to be cool enough to want to be close, but not so cold that you can’t hold hands. I want to go out but feel good about deciding to stay in. So where do you go? What’s ideal fall travel? (Especially if you are like me and feel like town/city is also required.) Asheville, North Carolina The scene is idillic, the charm very southern hip and their drink is a beer.  Wander the Biltmore Estate, share tapas at Curate, grab a beer at any of the many breweries like Wedge Brewing Company, drive or cycle the Blue Ridge Parkway. You should catch a show at The Mothlight before you stay at The Asheville Cottages or maybe even make the drive outside of the city limits for Hotel Domestique. Louisville, Kentucky Much has changed since F. Scott Fitzgerald and Al Capone used to check out jazz at the Seelbach hotel in Louisville. For one, now you can take an un-hike down the Urban Bourbon Trail or a real ride over the Big Four pedestrian and bicycle bridge along the Louisville waterfront on the bike you rent from Bardstown Road Bicycle Company. Eat at Milkwood and stay in the heart of downtown Louisville at 21c Museum Hotel - yes, that 21c that is also located in our beloved Bentonville, AR. San Francisco, California In the fall, 72 is my favorite number and San Fran's weather forecasts are most likely to show me my favorite number in September or October. There's much to do in this place, but just walking and eating is my cuppa. I'd look for Hapa Ramen, a modern take on your college staple with a new brick and mortar opening this month. After my asian indulgence I'd head for La Taqueria, as few things can top the title of America's Best Burrito. And I have a trustworthy source that says a trip to San Fran without the Queen Amonn (kouign a mann) from b. patisserie is no trip to San Francisco at all. When you can eat no more lay your head down at Galleria Park. kelsey-sig

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