Fall Threes: Wine Country Get Aways

Wine Country Getaways

Colleges and Universities around the country have seen thousands of eighteen year olds flood their quads, and the Razorbacks have played their first football game.

Fall is officially upon us!

And by “us” I mean you all living in America.

The arrival of fall in America leaves me dreaming of a weekend getaways. There is something about taking a long weekend that makes the season bridging swimsuits and Santa hats feel exciting.

And you know what? Fall is a grown up season. I don’t know why but it’s true. When you leave behind bikinis and croakies for scarfs and tall boots all the sudden you feel more adult.

I want to take my scarf and tall boots on an adult kind of trip to wine country.

When you think American wine you probably think Napa. I’ve been to Napa. I love it. It’s a top trip in my history of trip taking. But as much as I love it and think you should go I have three other spots that would probably be a little less expected.

Anderson Valley, California  

If you think Cali is only good for Cabs you need to go to Anderson Valley and get on board with the other great California reds.

Try Esterlina Vineyards and make sure you head to the Philo Apple Farms to pick apples from their 80 (yes 8-0) varieties of apples, take a cooking class or sample jams, juices and such.

Also, the community has it’s own folk language called “Boontling.” A folk language for a 15-mile stretch is about as quaint as it gets.

Walla Walla, Washington

Washington wines are some of my favorites and to this I owe a huge thank you to Waving Tree for the introduction to this region.

For a very unpretentious wine weekend try the tasting room at Charles Smith Winery. But before you do that you should probably give your wine tasting day with a breakfast base from Bacon and Eggs.

 Willamette Valley, Oregon

According to Seattle Magazine the Willamette has been giving the world their precious Pinots and Chardonnays for a while now, but you should be looking out for their sparkling offerings. Yes, please.

Lift your cup(full) of the tried and true Pinot Noir and the much appreciated sparkling varieties at Soter Vineyards. If you can swing it try to book a room at the Black Walnut Inn.

Here's to scarfs, tall boots, and adult vacations.


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