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Fall Threes: City Lights

by 4 September 10, 2013

City Getaways There are a handful of reasons why traveling come September shows you’ve got your wits aboutcha. Not so many people are crowded around so you can leave your “no you can’t cut in front of me and I mean business” face at home. There are just enough people about to bring your southern smile instead. When you get there you don’t have to spend your day commenting on the balmy summer day and instead you could talk about current events or Razorback football. And then there’s the dolla dolla bills y’all. Traveling in the fall saves you cash money. Getting to big cities and finding a cool place to stay can mean big spending but in the off season there’s always a deal to be had. So pack a smile, sign up for The Skimm for all your current affair snapshots and listen for the Southwest Airlines ding. Here’s where I’d go where the city lights are shining.

San Francisco, California

It’s a quintessential fall getaway. The top of the Golden Gate Bridge is likely to be covered in fog (read: beautiful) and a walk around the pier could be just the incentive you need to get that leather bomber jacket you’ve had your eye on. Go between October 21st  and November 8th and you could catch the San Francisco Jazz Festival. While you’re there start your day at Dynamo Donuts and stop for ice cream and coffee at Humphry Solcombe If you stay an extra day you could even take a day trip to one of the wine country destinations we already talked about.

Seattle, Washington

This place is a favorite long weekend getaway. Don’t be put off by the rain it’s not so bad really, it feels right when you are there. Plus, cuddling up close under an umbrella is precious so take your sweetheart with you. Eat at Serious Pie. And promise to stop at Beechers Cheese for a macaroni and cheese you will talk about for ages. From Beechers you will be close enough to stroll around Pike Place and find the spice store where they sell Murry River Salt. You will remember it as the salt they put on your pizza crust at Serious Pie. Get a bag of that salt, bring it home and put it on everything –cookies out of the oven, the steak you roasted in the oven, a loaf of bread sprinkled with olive oil, everything. It’s salt magic.

Austin, Texas

You might not think of Austin when you think fall but let me explain. In the words of the great philosopher Alan Jackson, Austin in the summer can get hotter than a hoochie coochie. Not so in the fall. Austin in the fall is warm but not miserable. And Austin is too much fun to miss. My dad introduced me to two-stepping at the Broken Spoke and now I am passing it on to you. Eating in Austin is hard because there are too many places you shouldn’t leave without trying. I will make it easy for you. Plan to spend an evening with the folks at Contigo. And be sure to let us know of the places you find and luvv.