Fall Hair: How To Wear a School Girl Barrette

For my baby-fine hair, the onset of fall means one thing: STATIC ELECTRICITY. Slathering my strands with creams or serums that claim to "tame" the fly-aways usually leaves me looking just plain oily, so this season I've turned back to a childhood friend to help with my fuzzy, untameable dry-air hair: the barrette. This probably won't surprise you; I've been wearing some type of hair pin in most of my recent posts. And I cannot take credit for this super-easy, super-chic return to 3rd grade style-- the barrette has been spotted on everyone from models on the runway to Taylor Swift, the Cute Queen herself. school girl collage In my tutorial, I'm channeling that simple school girl look: a little messy, lots of volume, and most importantly, quick and easy. Per usual, I'm starting with day-two hair. It has more texture and will be much easier to work with. Also, by the second day, my curls have fallen a bit to create the perfect effortless waves. IMG_3480 To begin, make a wide part on one side of your head. Like, super wide. Wherever you're parting, go over another half-inch toward your ear. Perfect. IMG_3475 And now, divide up that top section and tease each smaller piece. IMG_3469 You can use your teasing comb to smooth later, so tease to your heart's content. Go full Trump with it. IMG_3471 Now comes the smoothing step. You want this look to be soft and a little messy, but still reminiscent of that preppy school girl look. IMG_3467 Now pin it down with your barrette. Couldn't be easier, right? Make sure you're wearing the barrette lower in your hair; you want it to fall right at eye level if not a tiny bit below. IMG_3464IMG_3463IMG_3459 The barrette I'm using for this tutorial is a cheapy from Target but if you're feeling crafty, you could always use some fingernail polish to give it an extra pop of color. IMG_3441 This hairstyle couldn't be easier to pull off. It's quick, fresh, and will make you feel young again. IMG_3443 Have a great week, luvvies! And stay tuned for fun Halloween-themed beauty posts coming your way in the next couple of weeks. katie-sig

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