Fake Bangs Tutorial

The four most important words in any woman's hair journey: Should I get bangs? I wore a heavy side-swept bang from 2008 until around 2011, and I luvved it. Bangs gave my baby-thin hair some added texture and shape. The growing-out process, however, I did not luvv. "Getting" bangs is a pretty serious commitment. So, how to occasionally enjoy the cutesy, Zoe Deschanel-fringe life without actually making the serious decision to chop? Read on. fake bangs (15) This style works best with day-two hair. You will need a ponytail holder, several bobby pins that match your hair color (probably a dozen or so), a good hair spray, and a cute cloth headband. Start by pulling your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head. Then pull a section of the ponytail forward to become the fake bangs. fake bangs Lightly hold that section and arrange your "bangs" across your brow line, then begin to secure them with the bobby pins right against the ponytail holder. fake bangs (4)fake bangs (6)fake bangs (7)Now that your new bangs are in place, grab the rest of your ponytail and tease it to your heart's content. This is where we use our trusty "tease, roll, pin" method to create a gorgeous messy top knot. fake bangs (10)I just twisted each teased section around the ponytail holder into a general bun shape, then secured it with a bobby pin. fake bangs (12)fake bangs (14) Finish this style with a good layer of hairspray to keep everything in place, then carefully stretch or tie your headband around to hide the pins. fake bangs (20)fake bangs (23)fake bangs (31) This bangs + top knot look is perfect for any summertime occasion. Don't forget to add lipstick! katie-sig        

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