Fabric Pom Garland DIY

final-fabric-garlandIt is our hope that this DIY will add a little festivity to your day (and your wall)! I love a good handmade garland, and these fabric flowers are just perfect for spring. Let's get started!

You will need:


-Scrap Fabric (each flower requires a 42inch x 5inch strip)

-Hot glue gun & glue sticks

-A strong form of string (I prefer twine)

-Measuring tape

pom garland 1To make each individual fabric pom, you will first need to measure and cut out 42-inch by 5-inch strips of fabric. Each one of these strips will make one pom, so the amount you make will depend on how long you would like your garland.

pom garland 2Next, you will fold each strip in half (long ways) and glue it together along the edges, as seen in the photos.

pom garland 3After you have each strip glued together, you will take your scissors and cut through the crease every half-inch or so. Make sure to leave  at least a half-inch strip along the bottom un-cut, so that you will have space to secure your pom and attach the string!

pom garland 4Once you have made the half-inch cuts down all 42 inches, you are ready to assemble your fabric pom! You will fold the fabric over about a quarter of an inch on one end, and place a dab of hot glue on the bottom. You will continue wrapping the fabric around and around, as tight as you can, placing a dab of hot glue every so often in order to keep your pom secure. Once all your fabric is rolled up, your pom is complete!

pom garland5As soon as you have finished making the number of poms you would like for your garland, it is time to attach the string! I like to go around the base of my pom with hot glue, and then wrap my twine around it about 3 times, just to make sure the pom is securely attached to the twine. Leaving space between each pom, you will repeat this process as you move down the string. It is up to you how far apart you space your poms. In my example, there are approximately 6 inches between each one. Snip the end of the string after your last pom is attached and you are finished!

fabric-garlandIf you want to mix it up a bit, you can wrap two different 21-inch fabric strips into one  pom. That is how I created the poms that have a different fabric in the center. Happy garland-making, luvvies!



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