Extend Your Manicure with This Simple Trick

One of my favorite beauty routines is going to the nail salon for a manicure. I'm a shellac girl, which means I'm down at my neighborhood nail salon every two(ish) weeks to get a shellac change. The beauty (and also the curse) of wearing shellac or gel on your nails is that the polish doesn't wear off; instead it grows out, leaving a crescent-shaped gap at the base of your nail. extend your manicure This physical symbol of my laziness is what has always prompted me into my next manicure-- until now. Today's simple trick is a clever way to both extend your manicure for another week AND pull off the easiest reverse French manicure of all time. All you need is some fingernail polish and a small eyeliner brush. And a two-week-old manicure. Optional prep: Use a small file to gently push back your cuticles. extend your manicure (3) Next, grab your eyeliner brush and the polish of your choice. I decided to use a glittery gold shade for my right hand (tbh I figured a lighter shade would be easier to use with my non-dominant hand). extend your manicure (5) Dip your brush into the polish and carefully paint the exposed part of each nail. Don't worry if it's not perfect-- you can always clean up your mess with some polish remover on a cotton swab. Regular strength remover won't damage your gel, either, so you can always clean up any excess polish that might get on the gel. extend your manicure (7) extend your manicure (9) I was genuinely surprised by how easy this was and how good it came out. So of course I decided to try something a little bolder for my left hand: navy blue. extend your manicure (13) extend your manicure (15) The navy definitely required more Q-tip/polish remover clean-up, but the end result is worth it. I love the bold contrast of the nude with the blue. This entire process took me around ten minutes, was completely free, and will save me a trip to the nail salon this week. I am so proud to pass along this simple trick to all you luvvies out there who appreciate the feeling of always sporting fresh-to-death nails. extend your manicure (23) katie-sig

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