Everyday Glam, ft. Too Faced Chocolate Bon-Bons Palette

Oooh, luvvies. My husband spoiled me rotten on Valentine's Day. too faced bon bons (3) In case you didn't immediately recognize it, the palette I'm tenderly holding in the above picture is the Chocolate Bon Bons eye shadow collection. It's the latest release from Too Faced, following the insanely popular Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Bar palettes. These collections are known for their silky, highly pigmented formulas and use of natural ingredients and--yada, yada, yada-- the most important thing for you to know is that these shadows SMELL LIKE CHOCOLATE. For real. It's heaven. too faced bon bons (6) Since this gorgeous palette has so many neutrals (in both shimmer formulas and matte!), I wanted to create a tutorial for a wearable-but-glam everyday eye look. The no-makeup makeup has become so hugely popular, and all the browns, taupes, and shades of tan in the palette really prove that. I started by applying "Cashew Chew" all over each eyelid, from brow bone to lash line. This is a perfect base shade: it's a warm, slightly-pinkish tan with the tiniest hint of shimmer in it. too faced bon bons (9)too faced bon bons (10) To add some depth, I then applied "Mocha" in the crease of each lid. "Mocha" is a soft matte brown, still with a tiny hint of warmer, pink tones. It's a perfect pairing with the "Cashew Chew." Because my eyes are hooded, I actually used my tapered brush to push the shadow into the crease and also slightly above it. This gives my eyes a more lifted, open look . too faced bon bons (12)too faced bon bons (13) Now to add that pop of glamorous color: we make hot pink a neutral. too faced bon bons (16) Using a tiny brush, I applied "Totally Fetch" to the outer third of each lower lashline. too faced bon bons (19) The bright pink is surprisingly wearable for an everyday look. It works well with the pink undertones of both of the base shadows, and it adds a fun flush of color to an otherwise no-makeup look. too faced bon bons (20)too faced bon bons (23) text Add some mascara and you're ready to wow. too faced bon bons (26)too faced bon bons (29)   Are you really going to wear that out of the house, Katie??  you may be asking. Sometimes makeup should be about having fun and expressing yourself, rather than your age. If I ever find myself questioning my own makeup choices, I just ask WWBD (what would Beyonce do?) and then I go on and do whatever the hell I want while loudly crowing YASS KWEEN at myself in the mirror. You, too, should be asking #WWBD? (Can we make that hashtag a thing? Come see HL on twitter to support me in that.) katie-sig    

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