Essentials: For the Journey

Essentials for The Journey-01  

I have to confess something before I write this. I gravitate to the travel outfit I like to describe as lazy. Sorority T-shirt from college and my favorite jeans with Sperry's.

That sounds awesome when I am getting ready to walk out the door - be comfortable on the journey.

But then I get to my destination. And I get there looking a lot ridiculous. It looks like I thought the plane would take me back to the Delta Shelta on Maple circa 2004 - Back to the Future style. Not cute.

So I fight for my right to be cute when I get to where I am going. Here's what I suggest.

Chic Jersey Dress - Be comfortable regardless of your mode of travel and emerge with few wrinkles looking like you might have changed into your effortlessly cute dress in the bathroom at your terminal. I heart Free People for doing simple chic & trendy and this dress is worth the dolla dolla bills.

Stackable Rings - There's no reason to go accessory-less. You want your hands to look beautiful holding your kindle/ipad/fire/ereader of choice. This stackable version will do the trick.

Watch - I want to know how long I've been on my way and how much longer I have to get there. Michael Kors is the king of getting me the information I need to answer these questions.

Nude Nails - Nothing communicates class like a good manicure. There is just something about it. Use this Essie nude for your travel time - it lets those around you know you aren't the crazy talking type.

Sunglasses - Don't leave home without them. Vintage is totally the way to go here.

Cherry Chapstick - Don't overdo the makeup girls. You are traveling not going to the Oscars and its unlikely Prince Harry is going to plop down next to you on your way to Vegas. This classic is my favorite way to play up what your mother already gave you.

Scarf - It's on every list like this. It should be. It deserves it's place is travel fashion history. Scout + Catalogue make ones you will want to wear every. single. day. I don't have one but I want one like woah (hear that Mr. H?)


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