"Embrace that beautiful bump ladies!"

This week it is my absolute privilege to do a Fashionable Feature on Kaitlyn Lee, our Craft  & DIY editor here at Hello Luvvy. Kaitlyn has been inspiring my style since we first met a couple of years ago in her adorable vintage shop, Stitch Vintage & Handmade, which was in downtown Fayetteville. While Kaitlyn has since decided that a master's degree in Social Work and helping children are her passions, she is still so very stylish and an inspiring person to be around and know. Kaitlyn and Ty (her husband) are expecting their first little one, and I thought it would be so fun to see her styling the bump (A.K.A baby Ezra) and get a little style advice from her. What better a location than her adorable 1910 home in old town Rogers. hello luvvy How has your style changed since pregnancy? "At some point during pregnancy comfort becomes your first priority when getting dressed in the morning.  For me, that happened pretty quickly. Clothing that used to feel perfectly comfortable fits you totally differently because your body is constantly changing. I tried to make minor adjustments to where I still felt like myself, but not at the expense of my own personal style. For example, I'm a girl who loves tights: floral tights, lace tights, colored tights, you name it. Since being pregnant, I find nothing is more uncomfortable. My solution was to invest in a good pair of maternity leggings. I also utilized thigh-highs to get the same effect without the terrible waistband." hello luvvy
What makes you feel the most comfortable in your own skin? "Embracing the bump. I am 8 months pregnant, and I still feel better in something that accentuates my growing baby boy."
hello luvvy
hello luvvy
What inspires your style? "I am most inspired by trends from the past. I especially love pre-1960s vintage fashion. This has turned out to be really great in transitioning into pregnancy because many of my vintage dresses are cut in a way that has allowed me to continue to wear them throughout my pregnancy."
hello luvvy
What advice would you give other women about styling the "bump"?  "I know a lot of affordable maternity clothes are really ugly, but you don't have to sacrifice feeling confident in your wardrobe when you become pregnant. Asos became my good friend during pregnancy. They have plenty of fashion-forward options at inexpensive prices. Also, most importantly, pregnancy is such a special time that goes by oh so quickly, so embrace that beautiful bump, ladies!"
hello luvvy
Beautiful is so right.
This look features a dress from Grey Dog Boutique, shoes from Goodwill, black stockings that were a gift, and jewelry that is both vintage and from Forever21.
Photography is by the luvvly MGB Photo.

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