Edible Pokeball

by 11 July 13, 2016

Pokemon Go! has taken over the the world. Truly. I'm sure if you've been outside at all, you've seen many people with their phones in front of their faces trying to catch adorable Pokemon. I don't know anything about Pokemon really, but I have tried the app, mostly because it's like living in the future. Never one to resist a good theme, I decided to make an edible Pokeball to have fun with the Pokemon madness. Who doesn't want an edible Pokeball?! So fun!DSC_38291 When I started trying to make this, I initially wanted to just use cucumber with the babybel, but after experimenting, my husband had the great idea of using nori (seaweed) as a way to form the center. He was pretty pumped, and I'm pretty pumped to be able to bring it to you guys. line


Ingredients Mini babybel Nori CucumberDSC_37671 Directions These are so easy and adorable, and even pretty healthy. First, start off with the babybell and peel off just the bottom half. Next take the nori and cut a line that you will use as the center of the pokeball. DSC_38121 DSC_38171 Lastly, you need to form the circle in the middle. To do this, I cut off part of the peel of a cucumber and then cut it into a circle. DSC_38081 Good luck finding pokemon and keeping your bellies full!