Easy Winged Eyeliner Tutorial, ft. Stila Waterproof Liner

As I'm sure you've all guessed, I spend a lot of time reading about makeup on the internet. I research new products and techniques and beauty moguls (because reading about Kylie's lip kit totally counts as R&D for Hello Luvvy, right?). I'm also constantly on the look-out for the FAQs of the beauty world, because these are the issues I want to tackle right here at HL. Without a doubt, the most frequently asked Q is in regards to achieving smooth, even winged eyeliner. It's the murky mystery of the makeup round table. Which product is best? And how long should the wings be? And do I need to be using a template? A credit card? A spoon? And what is the right shape of wings for my eyes? Etc.  Well today luvvies, I bring to you my most simplified wings tutorial yet-- all thanks to the eyeliner that changed my life: Stay All Day Waterproof Liner by Stila. stila liner (23)   There are multiple reasons that the Stay All Day liner is Stila's best-seller: it's easy to use (like using a felt-tipped marker!), won't smudge or pull at delicate eye skin, and literally STAYS. ALL. DAY. stila liner (2) Here's how I achieve my day-to-day winged liner look. I start with the tip of my liner pen at the very outer corner of my eye, right below the end of the lash line. Draw a thin line that essentially extends the natural curvature of your lash line. This creates the most natural (and flattering) wing shape. Stop when you feel the edge of your crease (eye socket/lower brow bone). stila liner (4) To thicken the line, place the tip of your liner pen near the center of your upper lash line, then gently draw a line that connects to the end of your original wing. stila liner (7) Now carefully fill in the tiny gap between each line, and you're finished. Yes, just like that. stila liner (9) I prefer to wear a half-lid wing (as opposed to using the liner across my entire upper eyelid) because it makes my small eyes look bigger and more open. It also creates a flirty silhouette at the lash line. Create the wing on your other eye by repeating the same steps: follow the shape of your lower lash line to create a small wing from the outer corner; starting at the center of your upper eyelid, draw a fine line to the edge of your first wing; fill in the gap between the two with your liner pen. stila liner (10)stila liner (12)stila liner (13)stila liner (16) Again, the Stila pen makes all of this magic possible. I used to shy away from liquid liners, but the ease of this felt-tipped pen makes cat-eye looks much more manageable. These wings are quick, simple to draw on, and will last all day. stila liner (17)stila liner (19)      

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