Easy Up-do: The Fishtail Flip

Back in my childhood days, (cue grandmotherly voice), we wore topsy-tails before that was even an actual product in stores. I always felt that the inverted ponytail gave my softball uniform extra flair. Now that I'm all grown up, I find that I still have mad luvv for the topsy-tail look-- only now it needs a little bit of an update. For today's post, I wanted to create a pretty, EASY up-do that incorporates the beloved topsy-tail of my youth as well as the mega-hot fishtail braid that will be wrapped around every starlet's head this summer. Super simple instructions below. Start by teasing a section of hair at the crown of your head, then pull hair back into a low, loose-ish ponytail. topsy_duo1 Now create the inverted pony by making a hole in your hair above the elastic and then flipping your ponytail through said hole. topsy_duo2 Braid the ponytail into a relatively loose fishtail, then secure with another clear elastic. Almost done! topsy_duo3 Wrap the braid back over the topsy-tail, neatly tucking in the end of the braid. Secure with bobby pins. topsy_duo4 I finished the look with some pretty purple flowers that I literally pulled out of my neighbor's yard. Sorry, neighbor. topsy_collage1 I can't wait to rock this easy up-do all summer long. With enough bobby pins, this would make an excellent hairstyle for any occasion, from prom to summer weddings to music festivals. Happy braiding! Oh and don't think I've forgotten: go put on your lipstick! katie-sig

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